About me

I have worked in some of Canada’s most respected newsrooms. From Nanaimo to Victoria and from Ottawa to Windsor, I look for the stories no one else is writing about.

There are plenty of tools I’ve picked up along the way in order to find those unique stories. I’ve used Freedom of Information legislation to reveal how health officials misled the public during a deadly outbreak of Clostridium difficile. I’ve used the same legislation, along with database journalism tools, to prove a transit operator was hiding the high rate of sexual assaults on city buses.

Beyond the original journalism, though, I’m like any other journalist when it comes to the excitement over breaking news. The latest coverage I was part of started with Windsor residents reporting large pools of water as they woke up one early September morning.

Within hours, thousands of homes were damaged, vehicles were stranded on streets that had become temporary rivers, and mayors in the region declared a state of emergency.

CBC Windsor had reporters throughout the region as we quickly posted stories online, on radio and on television.

Moving away from journalism that focussed largely on writing for websites and newspapers has been yet another exciting time in my career. I joined the CBC Windsor team in 2015, leaping headfirst into the multiple-platform world that includes radio and television broadcast.